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Members Services

Members Services

As our member, we make sure that you are able to access a wide range of services that would save your time and effort. Our multiple touch points grant you visibility on your coverage, network and all benefits. Please click on any of the services listed below to learn more about it.

Member Services

  • 01. Customer Service
    Call our toll free number 800 124 8844 accessible via mobile or landline to know more about your coverage, benefits,...
  • 02. SMS Service
    Do you want to know  the status of your pre-approval request, or do you want to get our latest health and diet tips?...
  • 03. Online Service
    Do you want to review your and your dependents claims? Did you misplace your health insurance card and need an urgent replacement...
  • 04. In-Providers Helpdesk
    Are you facing any delays when visiting your appointed medical providers or is the approval procedure too confusing for you?...

Sohati Services

  • 01. Chronic Medication Refills
    We understand all the hassle that comes with chronic conditions, this is why we have devised the Chronic Medication Refill...
  • 02. Diabetes Care
    Being one of the fastest growing medical condition in the region and currently affecting 1 out of 4 people in Saudi Arabia,...
  • 03. Int'l 2nd Medical Opinion
    Our contracted insurance company partnered with us and with Assist America to give the exclusive privilege to all its insured...
  • 04. Int'l Medical Assistance
    We have partnered up with the best assistance company in the world to make sure that in case you, or your loved ones face...


- What is a TPA (Third Party Administrator)?
A third-party administrator is an organization that processes insurance claims or certain aspects of employee benefit plans for a separate entity

- What is the relationship between Medivisa and Medgulf?
MEDIVISA is the Third Party Administrator (TPA) of Medgulf's medical network throughout the region.

- How can I become a member of Medivisa?
You can apply to our healthcare program by visiting this link.
- What is your toll free number?
You can use our toll free number via your mobile or landline: 800 124 8844.

- How can I activate my online services?
Please visit this link XXXXXXXX to activate and register to our online services platform.


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